Product Roundup: May 2021

We have quite a few exciting new product updates that have been recently added to Stackla! From new content aggregation types and widget designs to expanded asset details and plugins, learn more about the latest improvements to the platform because we think you’re going to love them.

Aggregate IGTV content

Stackla already enables brands to aggregate content from more social networks than any other UGC platform. Now, brands can also aggregate IGTV video posts from Instagram within Stackla.

IGTV content can be aggregated via hashtags and discovery terms in Stackla.

Aggregate YouTube Shorts

Shorts is the latest short-form video format to hit the market, and Stackla is one of the first UGC platforms that allow brands to aggregate and display this content within their Stackla-powered galleries.

YouTube Shorts content can be aggregated using keyword search and channel discovery terms within the platform or via Stackla’s Chrome and Safari Browser Extensions.

New UGC Widget & ShopSpot designs

We know how you display the compelling UGC you curate via Stackla matters. That’s why we have refreshed the designs of our widgets to have a cleaner, more modern look and feel with additional layouts. These new designs are available for our Waterfall, Carousel, Grid and Masonry widgets as well as ShopSpot tiles. Plus, all our widgets have been optimized for mobile and social commerce displays.

Here is how the new design elements look in the different widgets and tiles:

The in-line tile:

The in-line product listing with in-line Shopspots:

Expanded tile with the improved Shopspot product listing; it includes a fixed height and width for each image a user clicks on.

The improved text-only layout:

And here’s how the expanded tile looks like in the newly mobile-optimized view:

Lookatme Digital Asset Management plugin

At Stackla, we’re always looking for ways to streamline content management. Now, in addition to Bynder, WebDAM and Adobe Assets, we have added another Digital Asset Management (DAM) integration to Stackla: Lookatme.

Any brands currently using this DAM can now send rights-managed digital assets (images, video, text) from Stackla directly to Lookatme either automatically or manually.

Ad improvements

Digital ads are an important part of every brand’s marketing mix. To make sure Stackla customers can seamlessly keep their ads fresh and engaging with authentic user-generated visuals, we’re constantly making improvements to our suite of ad plugins.

Stackla now supports dynamic ad feed generation for all customers using the AdRoll, Google Ads, Verizon Media and Microsoft/Bing Ads feed plugins.

Google Ads for Widgets has also been updated to support more detailed ad definitions via custom Ad Unit ID values on a widget level.

More asset details in Stackla Asset Manager

Our Stackla Asset Manager (SAM) has been built specifically to help dynamic digital marketing teams source and publish the high volume of production-ready visual assets they need to continuously power all their customer touchpoints.

Now, we’re offering marketers more detailed information on all the digital assets they curate and rights approve through Stackla. Assets within Stackla are now enriched with more Exchangeable Image File Format (EXIF) Data in SAM, with the capacity to store the following information on digital assets:

  • Camera Make
  • Camera Model
  • Resolution
  • Software
  • Asset Timestamp
  • Primary Platform
  • GPS Information
  • Latitude & Longitude Coordinates

Stackla’s Automation Rules has also been updated to support these new attributes to help customers build more complex rules for incoming content. This EXIF information has already been added to all asset API endpoints and Webhooks.

Co-Pilot enhancements

Co-Pilot is Stackla’s machine learning engine that helps make predictive content recommendations for our customers based on the content they’ve chosen to use in the past, as well as how it’s performed with their customers.

We recently made this feature even more powerful for our customers. Co-Pilot now not only learns based on the actions your team takes within Stackla, but also from the actions they don’t take, i.e., the types of content not selected for use in your marketing channels.

These improvements support faster learning from Co-Pilot as well as more accurate recommendations, which takes extra work off of your hands.

Product Feed improvements

Stackla’s Product Feed feature enables brands to seamlessly sync their product catalogs with the content in their stacks for automated product tagging. We’ve now added a new streaming service to support larger product feeds and incremental updates. We’ve also expanded the options customers can choose from for different style and color variants when creating product tags for a UGC asset in Stackla.

Ability to clone Direct Uploader

Direct Uploader forms have long been a popular way for Stackla customers to get high-resolution visuals directly from customers. Now all customers can clone Direct Uploader forms in the same way they’ve been able to clone different widgets and event screens. If your brand is using this feature heavily, you can now save time by copying existing Direct Uploader forms instead of having to create brand new ones each time.

This option is now available on the overflow menu on the Direct Uploader listing page for those who wish to use it.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of Stackla and all of its features around user-generated content then fill out a free demo form below today!

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