Comprehensive Digital Asset Management with Bynder & Stackla

Visuals are the key ingredient to any modern marketing strategy. So much so, that trying to build a successful marketing campaign without visuals would be like trying to bake chocolate chip cookies without chocolate chips.

But you can have all the best images and videos in the world and it wouldn’t do you any good unless everyone on your team had fast and easy access to them when they needed it. That’s why comprehensive digital asset management is so important.

The Power of Stackla + Bynder

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Bynder’s leading digital asset manager to help our enterprise customers better manage their visuals assets while they grow their content libraries with compelling UGC.

Bynder provides brands with a central asset hub, helping teams get on the same page for real-time collaborative edits and approvals, easy file sharing and storage, as well as auto-formatting for channels and file types.

Our new integration with Bynder allows marketers to seamlessly send UGC from Stackla’s platform directly into their Bynder digital asset manager.

By connecting your Stackla and Bynder accounts, you can now configure how and when assets are pushed from Stackla to Bynder. And all your Stackla assets will transfer to Bynder with its relevant metadata, including rights approval status from the original content creator.

The Benefits of Robust Digital Asset Management

Think of the last marketing campaign you worked on. How many conversations did you have about the types of visual assets you needed and how you were going to create or curate them? How many times did you ask yourselves: do we need different visuals for different audiences or digital channels? Do we already have relevant imagery we can use? And, if so, where are they and do the right people have access to them?

As Stackla customers, you already know that user-generated content (UGC) is the most authentic, cost-effective and sustainable source of content for your brand — helping to solve your constant need for large volumes of diversified visuals assets. But once you have a rich and growing library of assets, you need a robust digital asset manager to help you search, store, share and distribute them to all the right teams and channels.

  • Single Source of Truth – You’re constantly creating, curating, managing and publishing various types of visuals: branded images, product videos, UGC photos, etc. Oftentimes, some of these assets are stored and managed by one team, while a different team might be creating and posting others. Digital asset managers help to break down these silos and create a single, centralized place where everyone can find and access the assets they need.
  • Save Time – How much time have you wasted searching for the right asset? Or spent time creating an asset, only to find out later that a version of it already existed in another system? With proper digital asset management, everyday tasks like finding the right files, sharing assets and collaborating on visual campaigns with team members can be faster and easier — taking the hassle out of marketing campaign creation.
  • Safeguard Your Assets – Stop worrying about who has access to specific content or about unapproved assets making their way into live campaigns. Digital asset managers help protect your assets with robust user account settings and security features.

Connect Your Bynder & Stackla Platforms

Read this support article to learn how you can easily set up your Bynder integration today.

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