Well-known Spanish sporting goods retailer Sprinter chooses SearchNode site search to optimize their eCommerce revenues

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SearchNode, a leading AI search solutions provider for prominent global eCommerce brands, is working together with noted sporting goods retailer Sprinter to increase search traffic and income by maximizing the revenue from site search engine.

Kaunas, Lithuania – April 21, 2021 Sprinter has chosen SearchNode to improve their digital shopping experiences through site search for their eCommerce websites in Spain and Portugal. SearchNode provided the company not just with intelligent search and merchandising product but also successful processes and an experienced team of search experts, who built tailor-made search solution.

“ We needed to optimize traffic and revenue coming to our website, especially during the pandemic time when the sporting goods category boosted in demand. Searches in the internal search engine account for almost 10% of visits to the site. For us, it was key to provide the right result to the customer while browsing in order to boost conversions, to reduce bounce rate and to increase the time on site.” – says Nuria García Reche, Performance Manager at Sprinter.

SearchNode empowers Sprinter business growth through search, with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). The search provider developed a custom solution based on the company’s product and behavioral data, as well as business rules and objectives. Based on the collected insights, SearchNode engineers created an additional layer of search algorithms on top of the AI search platform. 

This combination of AI-based search platform, fortified with tailored algorithms, maximizes Sprinter search relevance and helps to achieve business goals. Moreover, these custom-made algorithms automate manual tasks, meaning that Sprinter search and merchandising teams are free from time-consuming tasks.

“  So far, we mostly liked the SearchNode team, willing to help from the first contact, their ability to adapt to our strategy and routines, and of course the excellent solution they offer to optimize internal search traffic. SearchNode is an upgraded tool that saves time, provides an optimal user experience and powers more conversions.” – says Sonia Monje García, SEO Specialist  at Sprinter.

SearchNode replaced the search solution built in-house by Sprinter and was launched on the Spanish website in just 8 weeks from the initial kick-off workshop and on the Portugal website after just 4 weeks. The implementation was organized in such a way that the development team from Sprinter needed to devote minimum engineering effort.

“ We decided to work with SearchNode because of its flexibility, quickness and ability to adapt to the casuistry of the merchant. For us, this tool is part of our SEO strategy, rules and automatizations. Our goal with SearchNode is to increase search traffic and search income by maximizing the revenue from the search engine. “ – says Sonia Monje García, SEO Specialist at Sprinter.

But the work doesn’t stop here – dedicated search experts from SearchNode will keep collaborating with the Sprinter search team to plan, analyze, implement, and test new search improvements. The main goal of such cooperation is to ensure growing business results for Sprinter and the best search experience for its clients.

“ We are more than proud to work with such a successful brand as Sprinter! I really admire that they strive to create a better user experience and achieve growth through it. This is exactly what SearchNode is all about, so the fit for our partnership is simply perfect. We already achieved some exciting results, but I am even more excited to see what results SearchNode will bring for Sprinter in the future. ” says Antanas Bakšys, CEO at SearchNode.

About SearchNode:

SearchNode is a fast-growing technology company, offering the ultimate search solution for medium-big eCommerce companies. SearchNode has established a successful business, with Lithuanian headquarters and an office in New York. SearchNode is used by many well-known online stores in Europe and the U.S. like Decathlon, Euronics, Castorama, Douglas and many others. Such ecommerce industry voices as Forbes, ConversionXL, G2 and Neil Patel have featured SearchNode as a recommended site search provider.

About Sprinter: 

Sprinter is a leading sporting goods retailer in Spain. Since they opened their first store in 1995 in Valencia, they have expanded throughout the country to exceed 180 physical stores. At Sprinter, you will find sports and casual fashion, accessories, and materials to practice a multitude of sports, such as running, fitness, cycling, football, and many others. They have a wide range of products from leading sports brands, such as Adidas, Nike, Puma, Fila, and others. Many of the models of these brands are designed exclusively for Sprinter.

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