About this e-book

Lockdowns, travel bans and retail closures have fundamentally changed how people shop. With an even more competitive landscape and consumer expectations of speed, security and convenience now greater than ever, how can leading brands rise to the challenge and tap into the resources they need to thrive?

In this e-book, Shopify Plus alongside eleven best-in-class partners share insights, expertise and examples of how European brands can tap into the Shopify ecosystem to enhance commerce experiences across key areas.


This e-book includes:

  • Introduction and market overview (by Shopify Plus)
  • Personalisation and merchandising (by Nosto)
  • Online customer service (by Gorgias)
  • Content-rich experiences (by Styla)
  • Onsite search (by Klevu)
  • Customer communities (by LoyaltyLion)
  • Email automation (by Klaviyo)
  • SMS, reviews and loyalty (by Yotpo)
  • Subscriptions (by ReCharge)
  • Flexible payments (by Klarna)
  • Sales tax automation (by Avalara)
  • Fraud prevention (by Signifyd)
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