How ecommerce marketers are embracing UGC to boost their online sales

This brand new, 2023 study investigates the challenges that ecommerce marketers are facing when it comes to creating visual content, such as the costs of maintaining fresh visuals, and ensuring they support diversity.


Furthermore, it explores how many of these brands are turning to user-generated content as a solution for these challenges, and reveals the most impactful channels where the most and best UGC can be found.


Our research reveals that…


of marketers find managing costs of professional photoshoots and influencer content difficult


of marketers find it challenging to ensure their content supports diversity


of marketers find UGC critical to their marketing strategy

And so much more.

How can UGC solve marketers' biggest challenges?


This research surveys over 200 ecommerce marketers across the UK and North America, unveiling the unparalleled impact of UGC on their online sales.

In this report, you’ll learn about:

  • The hurdles that ecommerce marketers face in 2023 when it comes to creating visual content
  • How such a huge portion of ecommerce marketers are turning to UGC to act as a solution for these
  • How UGC is providing a spectrum of other benefits to brands, including helping their content be diverse, and helping them build brand trust
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