What’s New In Nosto: The Latest Improvements to Segmentation & Insights and Onsite Content Personalization

With Spring at our doorsteps, we thought we’d celebrate the warmer weather and longer days with three additions to our Segmentation & Insights and Onsite Content Personalization products!

The end of a long and cold winter calls for some much-needed celebration into a warmer season. To kick things off, we’re rolling out some enhancements to our Segmentation & Insights and Onsite Content Personalization products: Asset Manager, Page Type Distribution Analytics and additional targeting options for customer segmentation. The goal: to allow our retailers to better organize campaign assets and dive even deeper into customer behavior.

Asset Manager: Store your Resources in One Place

Previously uploading, adding and managing assets – such as images or rich media for Onsite Content Personalization – was a bit of a clunky process, and clunky is something we don’t like here. To simplify the management of these assets, we’ve built an Asset Manager that enables our retailers to easily manage all creatives for campaigns, in one place. You can dive into the benefits of Asset Manager via our Support article.

Additional Targeting Options for Segmentation

In December 2018, we added options to create segments based on lifecycle value and sole purchase data – and we’ve now extended these options to strengthen the segmentation game. You can now:

  • Create segments based on a specific number of site visits, which is mainly intended as an additional or secondary rule.
  • Create segments based on any UTM parameter, not just a campaign. As an example, this addition is particularly useful for merchants who want to create campaigns for customers landing onsite via an email marketing or PPC campaign – regardless of whether it’s a specific email campaign or just any marketing email. All parameters from campaign, source, medium, term & content are now available to help power these segments.

Analytics for Page Type Distribution: A Deep(er) Dive into Customer Behavior

Granted, we didn’t come up with a sexy name for this addition – but believe me when I say this is a useful lifeline for merchants who want to understand how customers who belong to any segment behave when they visit the site. For instance, Page Type Distribution Analytics provides interesting insights and details into whether a particular segment is not really engaged by your Category pages. This enables you to make data-driven decisions when defining a personalization strategy, and more precisely, where you should implement campaigns. Learn more about Page Type Distribution via our Support article.

The Icing on the Cake: Yes, You Can Use Google Analytics

Finally, a gentle (and epic) reminder that you can use Google Analytics for an added layer of insight by feeding Nosto’s segment data to the platform (you can eventually use segments for Google Adwords if you’d like). Google Analytics is now visibly featured on our Integrations page – here’s a short video that covers all the must-knows about this sync:

Want to learn more about these latest improvements?

As always, you can reach us by dropping a message in the pink chat button below. If you want to keep it old school, shoot us a message at support@nosto.com.

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