What’s New In Nosto: Explicit and Dynamic Product Bundles

Dynamic Bundles is a feature extension to our Onsite Product Recommendations that enable retailers to create explicit, related and fully dynamic product bundles. The result? Inspire your shoppers by showcasing visually appealing recommendation elements, and drive an increase in average order value by highlighting matching items.

Mannequins were first introduced in 15th century France, primarily to allow tailors to elegantly show off the latest fashion to upscale lords and ladies. Mannequins moved into the more traditional retail space and brick and mortar boutiques as late as the mid 19th century, with the goal of inspiring shoppers by highlighting what’s new and what products work well together to create a “look”.

Today, mannequins are in virtually every fashion retail store to visually promote a merchandiser’s curated look. The goal is twofold: to inspire consumers to make a purchase, but also to increase up-sell by highlighting complementary items.

However, in the world of ecommerce it’s obvious that there are no mannequins (not the slightly creepy plastic kind, at least) Instead, retailers still strive to emulate the visual value that mannequin provides. And that’s why we at Nosto set out to make it easier for visual merchandisers to maximize our Onsite Product Recommendations by releasing a nifty feature extension called Dynamic Bundles.

What are Dynamic Bundles and how do they work?

Dynamic Bundles is a feature extension to our Onsite Product Recommendations, allowing retailers to create both explicit, related and fully dynamic product bundles. The main objectives of Bundles are to both inspire shoppers by showcasing visually appealing recommendation elements, as well as increase average order value by highlighting matching items.

By highlighting the products worn by a model onsite (like in the example below), a shopper can easily interact with a number of products and purchase multiple of them in a single go. This is both financially lucrative for the retailer and offers a more inspirational experience for the customer.

A bundle like the one in this example can be achieved in a couple of different ways, and is fully dependent on how much control a retailer wants to exert over the collection.

What use cases can be solved by leveraging Dynamic Bundles?

The feature extension can be used to map products or categories that should be shown together as an Onsite Product Recommendation. This essentially means that Dynamic Bundles can be used to solve any sort of use cases where matching items are required, such as:

  • “Shop the Look” (Showing similar fashion items)
  • “Don’t forget!” (Showing relevant accessories such as drill bits for a power drill)
  • “Package deals” (Products that have a discount percentage applied on checkout)
  • “Shop the Collection” (Products that belong to a larger collection of items)

U.S-based fashion retailer Windsor uses Dynamic Bundles to automatically complete the look in cases where they don’t have their own manually curated looks coming from the platform. In this example we automatically combine Pants, Tops, Sweaters and Boots to create a look based on product relationships.

Another US-based fashion retailer ModLi, who specialized in fashionable swimwear has a bit of a different take on the usage of Dynamic Bundles. By placing matching patterns into separate collections, the functionality can easily be used to curate alternative patterns manually with a human-verified visual layer.

These are only a few of many possible examples, but more unique examples will certainly come up in the context of any online store. Curious to see how Dynamic Bundles help drive the visual shopping experience for your store? You can check out our video below and also discover how to implement Dynamic Bundles via our Support article.

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