What’s New in Nosto: Applying Advanced Trigger Capabilities to Onsite Pop-up Campaigns

With Nosto’s new Onsite Pop-up triggers, customers can add an increased layer of personalization to pop-up campaigns that engages hesitant shoppers with highly targeted messaging. The result: a decrease in cart abandonment and incentivized repeat purchases.

Pop-ups 101: Why (and How) Do We Use Them?

In case you suspect the definition of a pop-up has changed (spoiler: it hasn’t), pop-ups are windows that appear suddenly within the environment of your online store. The goal of a pop-up: to convince hesitant shoppers to complete their purchase through discounts and special offers, entice indecisive browsers back onsite, and collect emails that enable you to contact a shopper once they’ve left. These pop-ups can range in size and placement on the site.

In addition to Onsite Product Recommendations, pop-ups offer retailers an increased layer of personalization within their online store. Here’s how granular segmentation, focused targeting, and the proper tools can help you create more effective pop-up campaigns.

Strengthen Marketing Efforts with Onsite Pop-ups

Because several site visitors often abandon site without completing a purchase, a retailer’s marketing efforts are truly never done. This makes offering site visitors discounts or deals onsite a crucial part of your marketing strategy—and not doing so might result in missing out on a large chunk of potential sales.

Pop-ups help reign in these lost sales by ensuring that you’re marketing to prospects and customers at the precise moment they’re in need of a nudge to make a purchase.

Best Practices for Creating Pop-up Campaigns

Executing an effective pop-up campaign boils down to one rule of thumb: implement a well-thought segmentation strategy to ensure you’re delivering a personalized experience to each individual visitor, and make sure your business goals are aligned in the process. Let’s look at these two crucial steps in detail.

Creating Triggers for Effective Customer Targeting and Segmentation

With Nosto, we’ve recently released a new triggers that help retailers create an effective targeting & segmentation strategy for your pop-up campaigns. With this tool, any retailer can now mix and match their targeting across different data points like geo-location, the numbers of pages viewed, the products in their carts, and more. For instance, if you’re looking to only target customers in NY that have viewed at least 4 pages and have a specific item in their cart, it’s now just a few clicks away. Even better, each of these triggers can be saved and added to multiple different pop-up campaigns as you see fit.

Aligning Business Goals with Pop-up Campaign Creation

The next step in your strategy is to ensure that the goals of your onsite pop-ups also align with the overall goals your company to meet your bottom line. A few common use-cases include:

  • Using coupon codes to reduce bounce rates for new site visitors
  • Offering discounts to encourage shoppers who are exiting your site
  • Capturing emails to build your CRM list
  • Encouraging the purchase of high-value or hard-to-sell products with special offers

With Nosto, employing these tactics is simple and straightforward. Here’s how to do it in 3 easy steps.

Launching Your First Pop-up Campaign (in 3 Simple Steps)

If you’re currently using Nosto’s Onsite Pop-ups and Segmentation and Insights on your account, you’ll notice that we’ve recently upgraded our dashboard to help make creating these pop-up campaigns even easier.

1.To begin in your Nosto account, travel to the Pop-ups section and click on the Triggers tab.

2. Once inside, you can begin customizing the triggers you will apply to your pop-up campaigns. You can be as broad or as focused with the targeting as you’d like—the most important detail is to ensure that you’re keeping your target audiences in mind while customizing these triggers.

As previously mentioned, the triggering within Nosto allows you to segment audiences based on their behavior, brand affinities, location, and more. To illustrate, here’s how you might set up your segmentation for a trigger that only appears onsite for customers based in New York with at least one product worth over $100 in their cart but still have high intent to bounce.

3. Once your new trigger is created, you can then apply that segmentation strategy to multiple campaigns as you target different stages of your marketing cycle. The previous example might be suitable for a new visitor in your target area who is hesitant to spend significant money with your brand. To target these new users, you can create a campaign that only looks for first-time visitors, prospects, and brand new customers.

Getting Started with More Effective Onsite Pop-up Campaigns

If you’re looking to get a better sense of how you can implement pop-up campaigns into your personalization strategy, get in touch with your customer success manager today! You can also click on the pink icon located in the bottom-right hand side of your screen to chat with us immediately. And if you’re interested in exploring more of our products, head over to our short product tour.

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