Nosto’s Personalized Search, 6 months on, in a snapshot

In February this year, we introduced our hotly-awaited Search module into our Commerce Experience Platform. We’re now 6 months down the line and are thrilled with the traction this product’s had in such a short time frame. From prestigious G2 award badges, to glowing customer reviews, there’s loads to celebrate, so let’s get to it!

A successful beta

Introducing a search solution to our Commerce Experience Platform was high up on many of our ecommerce clients’ wishlists. This meant we had no trouble onboarding beta clients and, by the time of launch, they were already seeing stellar results.

Take our premium womenswear client, A.L.C, for example. Shortly after joining on beta, they doubled their CR on search results pages by using ranking rules to make discounted items more visible.

SikSilk, another beta client, also enjoyed a hefty boost to their conversions thanks to Search. And in addition to a 25% increase in search users’ CR, their number of exits on search results pages dropped drastically—from 38% to 2%.

Happy Search customers

As well as seeing strong uplifts to key performance metrics since implementing Search, a number of our clients have also got behind the camera to share their take on the product in a series of short video testimonials.

First up was Joseph DelVecchio of Burt’s Bees Baby who spoke about how Search has helped the brand drive greater relevancy and merchandise for maximum results.

“It’s a really powerful program as well as just a really easy back-end admin”, says Joseph.

We also heard from Blake Van Putten, CEO of CISE, discuss how Search has been especially helpful in how it understands true user intent, to the extent where it interprets inaccurate or loosely related queries and returns exactly what users are trying to search for.

“This has been a really great solution that is more than I could’ve ever asked for”, says Blake.

Three shiny G2 badges

To top it off, we were thrilled to see Search receive numerous award badges in the spring 2023 report series of global software reviews site, G2—badges which exist to give recognition those on the platform banking quality, authentic user reviews. Namely, Nosto’s Search was highlighted as a ‘High Performer’, as well as having ‘Fastest Implementation’ and ‘Highest User Adoption’. 

Did someone say Generative Synonyms 👀

We couldn’t round this out without highlighting what we’re cooking up next with Search. In fact, the eager-eyed among you may have already noticed that we’ve an exciting update as part of our Generative AI beta program!

From the end of the month, we’ll have launched Generative Synonyms, leveraging Chat GPT’s large language model (LLM) to augment your synonym list and push your search results’ relevance even further. 

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