Nosto named “Best Tech Integration of the Year” by Yotpo

Yotpo, a leading Commerce Marketing Cloud provider, has just announced their 2018 Partner Award winners – and named Nosto the ‘Best Tech Integration’! Though the competition was fierce, we were confident that the Nosto-Yotpo technology duo was a sure-win. We are excited to be recognized for enabling personalized shopping experiences leveraging social proof to ecommerce brands and shoppers globally.

Why Yotpo named us ‘The Best’

With 55% of online shoppers trusting customer photos more than brand photos, today’s leading ecommerce brands win online by creating trusted, 1-to-1 personalized experiences powered by social proof. By combining Nosto’s powerful personalization engine with Yotpo’s user-generated content and ratings and reviews, brands can highlight the most socially-approved products relevant to each unique shopper, maximizing revenue on every visit.

In addition to the power behind leveraging social proof in personalization, it takes only 3 seconds (we tested!) to fully Integrate Yotpo and Nosto’s technologies. The incredible speed and ease of the integration was another factor in the sure-win for the award.

So just how do Nosto and Yotpo work together to deliver world-class shopping experiences? Here’s a peak behind the magic…

Personalizing the online shopping experience with UGC

Nosto’s behavior-based recommendations link customers to right products at the right time. Combined with Yotpo’s comprehensive user-generated content platform, merchants can leverage this integration to incorporate customer photos into product recommendations and social ads. The result: an added layer of social proof to your marketing strategy to dramatically increase customer trust in your brand.

Pura Vida Bracelets sources visual inspiration from their 1 million + Instagram followers to show their products in action across their website.

Personalization leveraging ratings and reviews

Our integration with Yotpo also enhances our Product Recommendations by adding an additional layer of relevance to the shopping experience. Shoppers can not only discover the most relevant products thanks to our AI-powered personalization, but also those items which are the most popular in terms of ratings and reviews. This leads to stronger social validation – a key ingredient of the personalization journey.

Nosto’s product recommendation filters also enable the use of ratings and reviews as a merchandising tool by enabling brands to narrow down product recommendations to only those that have enough reviews or a good enough rating to showcase.

Menswear brand Johnnie-O incorporates customer reviews on product pages – an extra layer of transparency to inspire their customers to add-to-cart.

For a little extra ‘show and tell’, let’s analyze the journey of one brand who uses a combination of personalized recommendations, UGC and ratings and reviews to build their loyal army of customers…

Brand highlight: Campus Protein

Campus Protein, a leading provider of health supplements and nutritional information for the college market, is one of many brands that utilize the power of this integration.

In the nutrition industry, customers largely rely on social proof for guidance on what others are using and their experience with the products. At the same time, users typically browse the site with a specific nutritional goal in mind. Yotpo allows for shoppers to see real user results via UGC and reviews. Nosto’s machine learning algorithms highlight the products the relevant to the user’s personal goal based on their online behavior.

In Campus Protein’s Top 25 list, browsers can easily find the top trending products based on crowd-based browsing and purchase history as well as ratings.

Interested in learning more creating personalized shopping experiences with Nosto and Yotpo?

Brands like Campus Protein, Pura Vida Bracelets and Johnnie-O and are already using the combined powers of Nosto and Yotpo to deliver more relevant shopping experiences. Want to explore what Nosto and Yotpo’s integration can do for your brand? Reach out to us for a first-hand look!

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