What’s New In Nosto: Trustpilot Integration

By synchronizing ratings and reviews from Trustpilot to Nosto, this content can be used as a merchandising rule for Onsite Product Recommendations, as well as to visualize recommendations to highlight the best socially-approved products.


As with every integration and enhancement, there’s a ‘why’ behind our efforts. This one comes down to increasing consumer loyalty through one of the most critical pieces of the ecommerce puzzle: social validation.


Driving revenue through social validation

By definition, social validation is a psychological occurrence where a person or group follows the actions of others within that group. Think back to that one time where you just had to have that one pair of sneakers that all your friends owned. This very emotional influence from our peers is often what drives us to make buying decisions – and over time, big names in retail have seen social validation as their golden opportunity to woo consumers to checkout and increase their revenue.


Social validation in digital retail

Our team has been fans and advocates of social validation since Nosto was first launched. When applied accordingly, content and validation from consumers can act as one of the best revenue drivers in digital retail (a simple yet effective form of this strategy is our Onsite Product Recommendations -Top Sellers feature). And the impact is felt even in the land of brick and mortar shopping; before making a purchase in store, 50% of shoppers turn to their smartphones to research a product.

However, there are other strategies that fall under the social validation umbrella which effectively increase a consumer’s trust towards a store and its offering; one of our favorites that we believe retailers should use more are customer ratings and reviews. With 92% of consumers eyeing out product reviews online before buying, it’s a strategy that greatly influences a customer’s loyalty to your brand.

Our European clients have spoken, and we’ve listened: we’re happy to break the news and announce that we’ve launched an integration with fellow partner Trustpilot , a ratings and reviews platform. Our integration makes capturing and leveraging ratings and reviews from Trustpilot to Nosto a simple one-click process.

A view of customer reviews displayed under shopper’s recently browsed products

How the integration works

Our integration with Trustpilot enhances Onsite Product Recommendations by adding an additional layer of relevance to the shopping experience. Shoppers can not only discover the most relevant products thanks to our AI-powered personalization, but also those which are the most popular in terms of ratings and reviews. The result: stronger social validation – a key ingredient of the personalization journey.

The integration also has a strong impact on design quality. When Trustpilot recommendations are integrated into Nosto’s recommendations, it creates a visually consistent experience for the customer, allowing ratings and reviews to be showcased alongside the products most relevant to them. In turn, this maximizes the impact and ROI of both technologies.

Lastly, Nosto’s filters for Onsite Product Recommendations enable the use of ratings and reviews as a merchandising tool. These attributes also work as a filter to narrow down product recommendations to those that have enough reviews or a good enough rating to showcase.


How to start leveraging the Nosto and Trustpilot integration

There’s proof in the numbers: a Trustpilot study revealed how one brand increased their store traffic by 65% with the help of customer ratings and reviews. And when combined with a personalized shopping experience, the sky’s the limit.

If you’re already using Trustpilot for ratings and reviews, getting started is simple as connecting your Trustpilot account to Nosto. (Need help connecting your accounts? Check out our manual which outlines the process step by step.)

For a closer look at the integration in action, you can also start a chat with one of our team members, reach out to the Nosto support team or request a free consultation (tons of options – because options are cool).

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