The Nosto Spotlight: Meet Matty Wentworth, Head of Business Development (U.S. and Canada)

In this edition of the Nosto team spotlight, get to know Matty Wentworth, Head of Business Development (U.S. and Canada). He shares how he overcomes the toughest parts of his role, his go-to karaoke songs (note: he’s available for Zoom karaoke!) and photos of his adorable dog (that deserves its own blog post).

Q: If you could meet any living person for dinner, who would you pick and why?

Matty: Probably my brother. That probably sounds like a lame answer, but I love how enthusiastic he is when he’s enjoying great food. And I enjoy how obnoxious we can be when we’re laughing about stupid stuff together. (The answer I wanted to give first was a youtube link to a joke I think is funny, but I’m worried that it’s inappropriate.)

Q: What’s the most challenging part of your role? How do you overcome it?

Trying to help the people on my team get the answers we want from prospects who often need guidance with making decisions. I really enjoy trying to get more of everyone’s humanity and personality to the surface. I’m lucky to have great people on my team, and I believe our prospects often want to interact with the person, not the salesperson. And the person who is communicating simply as another human is often the more effective salesperson. Is that what a catch-22 is?

Q: If you could only cook one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Matty: Fresh mango and tomatoes straight out of the garden isn’t exactly a meal, but those are the first 2 things that come to mind. For my real answer: I’d have bacon and eggs with a huge salad. Spring mix, tomatoes, bell peppers, green onion, loads of cilantro, toasted (roasted?) pecans, those little mozzarella balls, a little bit of corn, and avocado. The dressing is olive oil and balsamic vinegar. If my salad comes with ranch, I send it back. And maybe coffee ice cream for a dessert.

Q: How many Nosto offices have you visited? Which one did you have the most fun visiting?

Matty: I’ve had the good fortune to visit Helsinki, London, and Santa Monica. Helsinki was the most fun. Casual drinking in the office for a few hours at the end of the day was such a simple thing but a ton of fun and an awesome way to get to know people. And what’s not fun about being slightly inebriated and sliding around slick floors in your socks?

Q: What is your go-to karaoke song?

Matty: I’m torn between Country Grammar by Nelly and All These Things That I’ve Done by The Killers. If people were in the mood for a slower and less lively song, maybe I’d go for Stop Crying Your Heart Out by Oasis. How do you choose just 1?

Q: Any interesting photos you want to share?

Matty: I have a dog, so I’m trying to rely on his cuteness to make photos of me more interesting…

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