Nosto and Tapcart Integration: Deliver Personalized Shopping Experiences on Mobile Store Applications

Nosto’s latest integration with mobile app platform Tapcart allows retailers to expand their personalization strategy beyond the desktop experience: impacting customer engagement, conversion and bottom-line sales via the store’s mobile application.

For years, the age-old tradeoff in ecommerce (particularly in the fashion sector) has been that mobile drives greater traffic, but desktop drives greater purchase value – and that is no longer the case.

Shopping online has become a truly mobile-first experience in terms of visits, total orders and order value. Nosto data reveals that mobile-savvy consumers now generate an average 62% of traffic share for online fashion retailers worldwide.

While this is a golden opportunity for retailers to meet their customers halfway, deploying a fully optimized experience on mobile is key to ensuring these shoppers don’t abandon your store within minutes or receive irrelevant content when shopping on different platforms.

Our latest integration with Tapcart combines the convenience and conversion benefits of mobile shopping and the power of AI-driven personalization to offer a more relevant and memorable shopping experience.

How Personalized Mobile App Experiences Impact Customer Experience (and the Success of Your Business)

Only 6% of shoppers using mobile web browsers purchase products via their mobile devices, while 21% of shoppers who use mobile apps end up purchasing. As a result, retailers can:

Convert more customers: Tapcart apps have a 3x higher conversion rate than mobile websites.

Maximize customer lifetime value: Mobile apps deliver the highest average order value, purchase frequency and repeat customer rate.

Reduce abandoned checkouts: Easy payment options like Apple Pay, Google Pay and a one-step checkout ensure customers complete their purchases.

Deliver an optimal mobile experience: Native apps offer rapid load times, intuitive navigation, optimized product pages and a real-time communication channel.

In addition to delivering a mobile-friendly experience to your customers, personalization is a key element in ensuring shoppers land on your site and stay there.

For today’s consumer, it is critical that the mobile experience is consistent with the online web store experience so that the content they see —from personalized messages, to content, to product recommendations — is relevant to their individual needs, regardless of whether they’re shopping on desktop or via a mobile app. As it stands, 77% of large online retail consumers expect to see a personalized experience across channels like desktop and mobile, but only 23% of them are actually experiencing it.

Interested in Improving Business Performance Using Tapcart and Nosto?

If you’re a client of Nosto and Tapcart, setting up your store with our latest integration is a quick and easy process. All we need is your API token (which is only used with your approval). Using that token, the Tapcart team then connects the integration via your store dashboard.

Our teams are happy to get you up and running with our integration to:

  • Improve your business KPIs
  • Transform the quality of your brand’s shopping experience, and
  • Foster longtime customers through personalized, mobile-friendly experiences.

To discover how you can power your business with AI-powered personalization, watch a demo to see our solution in action. You can also reach out to the team at Tapcart to learn more about how you can launch a world-class mobile app for your store!

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