Nosto launches latest AI advancements set to improve commerce experience delivery: Generative Synonyms and Generative Copy 

The new generative AI-powered features are available now within its Commerce Experience Platform and are set to augment Nosto’s proprietary AI capabilities, enhancing search relevancy and streamlining copy creation

New York, June 29, 2023Nosto, the leading Commerce Experience Platform (CXP), has announced its integration with OpenAI, launching two new generative AI-backed features: Generative Synonyms and Generative Copy. 

Giving commerce brands access to more diverse and richer data sets by blending their proprietary predictive, semantic, and visual AI models with OpenAI’s generative models, Nosto’s CXP is augmented and enriched to deliver superior commerce experiences that increase engagement, online revenue, and customer loyalty. 

“We’re continually innovating to bring products to market that are valuable and that change the way online brands engage with their customers. So we’re integrating with OpenAI and other third-party generative AI models to give our merchants the power to take personalized customer experiences to the next level while saving time in execution and finding new efficiency gains for their teams,” says Tuukka Häkkinen, Global Head of Product, Nosto. 

Effortlessly deliver superior search relevancy with Generative Synonyms

Generative Synonyms is a powerful combination of Nosto’s proprietary semantic and predictive AI and the latest advances in generative AI to automatically suggest synonyms for deeply relevant shopping experiences.

Nosto’s semantic and predictive AI models generate a list of synonyms based on shoppers’ behavioral data, having analyzed all the store’s queries and the subsequent purchased products.

The Nosto AI-generated synonyms are then automatically filtered through ChatGPT to find other relevant synonyms. This provides a vast pool of additional synonym suggestions from OpenAI’s extensive large language model (LLM) that merchants can then add to their master synonym list, effortlessly achieving heightened search relevancy for their online store.

To activate this capability, merchants can simply toggle ‘Generative Synonyms’ on at the click of a button within Nosto’s CXP.

Automatically generate engaging and performant text with Generative Copy

As well as Generative Synonyms, Nosto is launching an additional innovation leveraging OpenAI’s ChatGPT: Generative Copy for product recommendation titles. 

Product Recommendations are a critical part of a personalized commerce experience, and with Nosto’s new Generative Copy, merchants can get highly performant and engaging copy suggestions for your recommendation titles in seconds. This works in the Nosto CXP simply by pushing “Generate title” which prompts a modal to open that allows merchants to fill in information such as the target language, vertical, and the desired level of creativity.

In addition to these elements, Nosto provides ChatGPT with further information, including recommendation type, page type, and target segment audience. These comprehensive inputs enable the generation of the most accurate title suggestions for merchants to either employ or to edit to adapt to be closer to the brand’s voice. This new tool streamlines the copy creation process and saves time by generating compelling AI-powered copy.

“We already use artificial intelligence and machine learning to power our CXP. and we understand that our customers rely on those technologies to generate better online experiences for their customers. But generative AI models, specifically ChatGPT from OpenAI, have opened up a new world of possibilities that we want to stay at the forefront of,” says Häkkinen.

For more information on Nosto’s Generative Synonyms or Generative Copy, you can read our help article.

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