Nosto does Tough Mudder

The advent calendar chocolate is almost all gone (if it lasted this long, that is), the last-minute presents are waiting to be bought and you’ve set multiple reminders to defrost the turkey.

Yes, that’s right people – Christmas really is almost upon us.We’ve spent a lot of time in the last month looking at how you can optimize your store and your strategy for the various shopping dates of the holiday season with our blogs ‘6 Tips to Turn The Black Friday Boom Into Long-Term Value’ and ‘12 Great Christmas Setups for The Twelve Days of Christmas’, as well as a look back over the year and some predictions for the future with our guest blog from Paul Rogers, Director of GPMD, ‘Ecommerce trends: A look at 2015 and predictions for 2016’.It’s been an exciting and busy time for all, and to top things off nicely we wanted to end the year in what we believe should be the true spirit of the season; with a little story about the power of giving.So, grab a hot chocolate, put on Mariah and let’s begin…Back in September, in a time before arguments over Quality Streets, The Nosto team (including one very reluctant Content Marketing Manager) took to the Winchester countryside in a quest to conquer the one, the only, Tough Mudder – “a hardcore 10-12 mile obstacle race, designed by British Special Forces to challenge the toughest of the tough.” Sounds hard, right? Well, I can tell you, that description is desperately underplayed… With obstacles that involve electrocution, tear gas-like substances and ice baths more shocking than your credit card bill at the end of December, it isn’t a task for the faint-hearted. They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words so let’s see how it went…

Team Nosto, pre-race and mud-free

The Tough Mudder course – 12 miles of mud, torture and team-work!


Why have we waited until now to share our little story? Well, firstly because it’s taken (some of us at least) this long to get over the whole experience and secondly, because we didn’t do it for cheap thrills. No, we are rebels with a cause. And that cause is School In A Bag, a fantastic charity that aim to help help poor, vulnerable and disaster affected children throughout the world by giving them the tools they need for an education- with a bag filled with stationery, learning resources and eating utensils.And recently we saw the fruits of our labour first hand when Lis from School in a Bag came to visit our offices armed with an impressive amount of educational tools, purchased with the spoils of our blood, sweat and tears. This gave us the opportunity to not only learn more about this fantastic cause but also to hand pack the bags that our sponsorship had bought.In total we managed to raise enough money for 96 bags and on the 15th of December, we are proud to announce, our bags reached Syria- a place that, as we all know, is in dire need of these type of resources.Our take away message? Yes, it is the time to eat, drink and be merry and we hope our advice and our technology have helped you and your business to be successful during this holiday season, but it is also a time to be grateful and a time for giving!Thank you to everyone who supported us during this endeavor. And as a Christmas present from us at Nosto we hope you enjoy this video of Kevin Paiser, our Head of Sales, being electrocuted (all for a good cause, of course).


Merry Christmas from Nosto!

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