What’s New in Nosto: Take Your Marketing Strategy to the Next Level with Segment Explorer

Segments just got a whole new look! Segment Explorer is a digital marketer’s best friend, with more detailed insights on your customers than ever before.

Segmentation and personalization are hotter topics than ever before, and most ecommerce managers and digital marketers know that they should be doing these things to drive engagement and reduce immediate exits for their key customer segments. But marketers don’t want to waste time on creating segmented campaigns without the promise of a good return, and the challenge lies in knowing which segment to target with a personalized campaign to make the biggest impact on your bottom line. Understanding which segments are underperforming and which have the highest potential leads to better marketing decisions and smarter investments, and means that at-risk groups can be identified early and saved with a timely nurture campaign or discount strategy.

Nosto’s new Segment Explorer allows you to access hundreds of data points about your customers and compare them against each other to discover not only which segments are the most valuable, but which product ranges, channels, and days of the week convert those customers best. Using a combination of existing and brand new metrics, digital and performance marketers can build a vivid picture of the health score of their overall customer base—identifying which segments are already top performers and which need more attention. 

These insights can quickly be turned into actions, as you can use segments in conjunction with recommendations, pop-ups, content personalization, and category merchandising to create a smart, targeted, one-to-many onsite personalization strategy that converts customers at every stage of the funnel.

Exploring Segment Explorer: Feature Capabilities

In addition to the existing Segmentation & Insights metrics, you’ll also be able to measure your segments against some brand new metrics that focus specifically on loyalty and customer lifetime value, like:

  • Sales per customer 
  • Retention rate
  • Average first order time delay in time and sessions
  • Average retention delay in time and sessions;
  • And many, many more.

As well as the new look of the data table, there will also be a couple of changes to your existing segments:

  • After we launch Segment Explorer, All Customers will be renamed as ‘Everyone’. 
  • There will also be four brand new Default Segments in your list to help you get started with some of the most popular use cases our merchants have for segments – Mobile, Desktop, Facebook, and Google traffic.

No matter what your segmentation strategy is, most marketers can agree that successful marketing starts with finding your target audience and speaking their language. Segment Explorer helps you to do both, so click the button below to try it out!

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