What’s New in Nosto: Take Control of Your Growth with Our New Dashboard & Analytics

With Nosto’s new Dashboard & Analytics, ecommerce professionals can take control of their growth and make better strategic decisions – faster. 

Ecommerce growth is all about understanding hard commercial metrics and leveraging the insights from that data to make informed decisions. The problem is: the data is usually scattered across tools that aren’t ecommerce focused, ecommerce teams rarely have the bandwidth to manually organize it, and it can often be difficult to derive actionable insights from the data even when it is organized.This leads to uncertainty, which leads to questions like:

  • Am I focusing on the metrics that matter?
  • Is the growth we’re seeing truly sustainable?
  • Where are the best places to focus our efforts?

Nosto’s new Dashboard & Analytics solves these challenges by gathering the key ecommerce growth metrics into a single place and portraying them in digestible, actionable ways. Gone are the days of collecting and organizing disjointed data into a manually curated spreadsheet just to report on performance across departments. Nosto’s new Dashboard & Analytics enables ecommerce professionals to:

  • Gain confidence (in strategic decision-making): Nosto’s new Dashboard & Analytics gives the reassurance merchants need to be able to make the right decisions for their business. 
  • Feel in control / Be in charge of their growth: Nosto’s new Dashboard & Analytics gives a full, easy-to-understand view of merchants’ store performance, which enables merchants to detect and correct any weaknesses as soon as they’re apparent.
  • Save time and effort: Nosto’s new Dashboard & Analytics reduces the manual labor typically required to collect and organize data so that merchants can spend more time analyzing their performance and producing insights.
  • Understand Nosto’s impact: Nosto’s new Dashboard & Analytics provides a clear and transparent overview to how Nosto contributes to merchants’ goals so they’re always able to communicate their investment’s return across the business.
  • Combine and master your data: Export your data in .csv format to combine it with data from other sources and channels to achieve a holistic view of your performance both on and off site.

Analyzing the Analytics: Feature Capabilities

With the new Dashboard & Analytics, Nosto merchants can view and analyze the overall health and performance of their store while also diving into the granular details. The “at a glance” dashboard, as well as the detailed reports in the Site Metrics and Campaign Performance sections, allows merchants to assess the health of their store, take corrective action, and validate their current strategy, all in one place as part of their daily routine. Merchants can also easily assess the performance of specific Nosto campaigns and monitor trends across campaigns right in the dashboard.

By pulling both the macro and the micro metrics together into one user-friendly dashboard, Nosto’s Dashboard & Analytics has revolutionized what it means to be data-driven for even the most data illiterate ecommerce professionals.

With this new view, merchants can:

  • Scan an overview of their store health and performance
  • Evaluate campaign performance – both overarching trends and on a granular level
  • Clearly visualise their business growth over time with detailed, interactive graphs
  • Monitor how their key metrics develop over time (Conversion Rate, Total Sales, etc.)
  • Monitor how their more secondary metrics have developed over time (AOV, AVV, etc.)
  • Evalute performance across Nosto delivery products
  • Identify areas where continued optimization can bring better results

There’s never been a better time to seize the opportunity to understand how every part of your store’s experience is affecting your business goals.

Take control of your growth today

Nosto’s new Dashboard & Analytics is available for all Nosto customers, on all plans. Curious to learn more? Visit our Help Center for all the details.

Not using Nosto and want to learn how our Dashboard & Analytics can provide you with insights to guide your decision-making? Contact our team of ecommerce specialists to learn more.

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