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Last year Nosto set out to make the most of our industry expertise and use it to  empower our retailers across the globe. As a result, the Nosto Academy & Commerce Experience Certification Program was launched—uniting the power of our platform with educational courses—giving retailers the tools they need to maximize the full potential of the Nosto CXP platform. 

This program was developed to test the skills and capabilities of ecommerce professionals and to help them craft optimized commerce experiences; it takes onsite customer journey best practices from years of aggregate data and the minds of industry leaders on the Nosto team.  And, guess what? We succeeded!

In the short six months since launch the Nosto Academy has:

  • Held 14 Live Commerce Experience Certification Program Workshops across U.S., EMEA, and APAC time zones
  • Had over 1,500 on-demand courses passed by Learning Academy users
  • Certified more than 100 ecommerce experience professionals from across the globe

Through this program our retailers received practical hands-on training via the Learning Academy’s on-demand courses and Live Commerce Experience Certification Workshops. Perhaps most importantly, this program has brought together Nosto customers from across the globe to network and share learnings as part of the Nosto Insiders community.

Here’s what some of our certified Commerce Experience Experts are saying:

“As someone new to using Nosto, I appreciated the practical examples of implementations that other companies are using. I also learned about capabilities I didn’t know Nosto had! In the past I haven’t particularly enjoyed online training sessions but these sessions were refreshing and enjoyable.” –Jeremy Woods, Ruroc

“Even though I have been working with Nosto products for almost a year now, this program has been truly eye-opening on almost endless opportunities in which businesses can (and should!) use Nosto in terms of data analysis and testing, customer journey optimisation as well as business goals identification and support. The on-demand courses are thorough and provide solid knowledge on Nosto products. The live workshops with the Nosto team and fellow ecom professionals have proved to be inspirational beyond expectations. Grateful to have been able to participate in the inaugural Nosto CX Training & Certification and excited to implement all that we have learned!” –Maria Simicev, Anthony Nicholas Group

Feeling inspired and ready to hit the ground running in 2022?  So are we.

Nosto Academy is growing!

We are happy to announce updates to Nosto Academy, including four *brand new* courses! Here’s what we’re bringing to the Nosto Academy & Commerce Experience Certification Program this year:

Sign up today

You can sign up for the 2022 Nosto Certification Program Workshops on Eventbrite.

New classes will be held on the first Tuesday and Thursday of the month, every other month,  starting in February. The price per seat is $1,250 with limited seats available.

The Nosto Academy is free to all Nosto customers.If you are a Nosto Customer interested in getting certified, please contact your Customer Success Manager or reach out to those managing the program at

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