From Near and Far Nostopalooza 2022: Our Paris Offsite

We came, we saw, and we gathered over 160 Nostonians, from over 8 countries in the beautiful outskirts of Paris! I know what you’re thinking—you did what? Trust me, all of us were pinching ourselves. But with the addition of over 70+ global team members and 2 company acquisitions since we last got together, Nostopalooza was an opportunity to meet all of our colleagues, bond with one another, and look forward to the future.

So what exactly did we all get up to?

After we’d done some initial mingling, explored the beautiful grounds and facilities (including a nosy at the spa!), and got plated up with canapes, the festivities began.

Kicking things off was Nosto CEO, Jim Lofgren, who spoke about Nosto’s future vision, while our Product team gave a few teasers on some impressive advancements (loud applauses from our sales team!). We were also lucky to have a few guest speakers (including Nosto clients) join us in Paris for a great panel discussion.

Having people come from a variety of backgrounds was great because it allowed us to have a good overview of the whole e-commerce landscape through their respective lenses. Now we have a better understanding of the challenges they each encounter within their businesses, which are all very different.

Taha Benarafa, International Marketing Manager, Paris Team

But, of course, it wouldn’t be very ‘Nosto’ to have us in lecture theaters all day…

Our daytime agenda brought quite the range. We took part in scavenger hunts, TikTok creations, a football match, and a field day (because nothing says bonding like trying to toss an egg to your teammates!), along with some extracurricular tandem biking and strolls around the venue’s scenic grounds.

What an amazing offsite! It was great to finally meet everyone in person and truly experience the Nosto culture! I’m so excited about the ambitious goals we have ahead and am confident that, together, we definitively have what it takes!

Alina Marques, Senior Product Manager, Sydney Team

As all of us continue to work remotely and from all over the world, Nosto knows that nothing beats spending time together physically in one space and building those interpersonal relationships, well, in person! Learning together and playing together (and, alright, also eating together), empowered all of us to truly bring the Nosto values to life. 

We met and expressed our gratitude to all of the team members who continue to contribute to our success, and discussed how collaboration propels us forward. Breakfasts were used to brainstorm methods on how we can continue to be diverse and inclusive in our future growth. And care and flexibility went hand in hand—because off the computer screens, everyone is a person with outside interests, and that’s something we never forget.

When the evenings came around, we had everything from Karaoke nights to a Gala dinner that kept us entertained. There were people jamming out to classics like No Scrubs by TLC, and a gala quiz to test our Nosto knowledge (P.S. did you know that Nosto means ‘uplift’ in Finnish?). 

Last but not least, we celebrated our colleagues with the prestigious Nosto awards, ending in a night full of dancing and laughter.

Needless to say, we’re all looking forward to where Nosto takes us next, and who’ll be winning the crowds in karaoke with a new hit single.

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