Want to Strengthen Your Facebook and Instagram Segmentation Strategy? Here’s How.

By using Segmentation & Insights together with Nosto’s Facebook offering, retailers are able to merge two powerful products into one tool for fast actionability.


In this post, we’ll cover…

  • The importance of understanding your customers when building a Facebook and Instagram segmentation strateg
  • Diving deeper into Facebook’s functionality using Segmentation & Insights
  • The power of combining Segmentation & Insights and Facebook advertising in the same Nosto tool



Building a Facebook and Instagram segmentation strategy: It all comes down to understanding your customers.

Understanding your customers is a crucial element of the ecommerce journey. Equally important for long-term success is understanding where new customers come from and how to acquire them as well as how to retain your existing customers.

Understanding your customers is the outcome of many variables – but fundamentally, it is about knowing why they purchase from your store:

  • Are they emotionally connected to your story and brand?
  • Are they shopping because of convenience?


Regardless, the journey begins by exploring information such as…

  • What product categories they are interested in
  • What brands they view the most but don’t actually purchase
  • What devices they are using
  • Where they are located

Typically, retailers turn to data and analysts to surface this information; but what is often missing is a connector for how to action and leverage that data to increase conversion rate and other key metrics.


Using Segmentation & Insights to dive deeper into your Facebook strategy

Nosto’s Segmentation & Insights product delivers the level of depth needed to better understand customers and take action based on those findings.

Segmentation & Insights tracks every shopper’s onsite behavior in real-time and combines that data with transactional events. Nosto’s AI then uses this combined data to predict buying intent, group the shoppers into segments, and surface interesting opportunities that align with your business strategy. Both automated and custom segments are available for delivering an extremely personalized experience to each segment, which is done through the use of Nosto’s other products. When applied onsite, this is delivered in the form of personalized content, pop-ups, and product recommendations.

However, the experience should go also go beyond the webstore…

With the initial launch of Segmentation & Insights, our focus was supporting Onsite Content Personalization. Since then, Nosto and its customers have begun to explore other supporting roles for it to play. The next logical step was to look outward to other services and ad networks such as Google Ads, Email Service Providers, and Facebook and Instagram. Facebook is a perfect fit for Segmentation & Insights as Nosto already has its own in-house Facebook offering.


The power of combining Segmentation & Insights and Facebook advertising in the same Nosto tool

Using Nosto’s segmentation to power Facebook and Instagram ads for both acquisition and retargeting is one of the most powerful methods of targeting the right audience, at the right time, with the right content.

The use of segmentation and personalization is the only feasible method for increasing ad relevance so that your ads cut through the noise of thousands of other commercial messages encountered by shoppers on a daily basis. As an outcome, you can expect an increased Return On Ad Spend and that you are leveraging that crucial social media communication channel to the fullest extent.

To make this process as fast and convenient as possible for marketers, once a segment has been created, Nosto can use that segment to create a custom audience in Facebook & Instagram for re-targeting and customer retention. That same process can be used to create a new lookalike audience that shares the same attributes and affinities as your segment – an extremely well-defined audience type to acquire new visitors and shoppers to your webstore. In addition, if advanced Facebook functionality is required, those same segments can be imported into Facebook’s own native interface.


Getting started with Segmentation & Insights in your Facebook segmentation strategy

Ecommerce retailers worldwide use the combination of Nosto’s Segmentation & Insights and Facebook & Instagram ads to drive up Revenue per Visitor – made all the more powerful by having both products under the same Nosto umbrella.

Want to see this in action? Give us a shout and we’ll show you first-hand how you can build a stronger, more actionable Facebook segmentation strategy using our Segmentation & Insights product.

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