Black Friday Cyber Monday 2022 by the numbers

Black Friday Cyber Monday 2022 has come and gone! We analyzed more than 107 million website visits to 1,269 online stores during BFCM that use Nosto’s CXP, finding year-over-year growth in overall traffic, sales, and average order value.

Despite concerns over global inflationary pressures pushing higher selling prices, retailers still managed a strong Cyber Weekend performance. Check out our report for the full data breakdown as we analyze the performance of BFCM as a whole, and dive into how it differed between days, devices, regions, verticals, and platforms.


Our data found YoY increases in







And so much more.

How did retailers perform this BFCM 2022?


Through this new data report,
you’ll access

  • The overall look at year-on-year percentage increase/decrease for retailers’ performance organized by day, device, region, vertical, and platform
  • The full numerical breakdown of year-on-year data for key metrics such as traffic, sales, conversion rates, average order value, and peak hours for traffic and conversions
  • Key take-aways from this BFCM 2022 and what it means for ecommerce as a whole
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