6 examples of customer re-engagement emails that just work

A successful customer re-engagement strategy can be the thing to skyrocket your business. Afterall, a recent Adobe study has found that, on average, it takes anywhere between five and seven new customers to equal the revenue of one repeat customer, mainly due to the fact that conversion rates are 9x higher with repeat purchasers.


But how do you get back in contact with one time customers? From the personal touch to a tempting offer, there’s a whole host of tactics you can deploy to convince a one-time customer to turn into a loyal long-term customer.

Want some inspiration? Here are six of the best examples around.


1. Re-engagement email: Pinkberry

Pinkberry knows there’s a surefire way to tempt customers back to their frozen yogurt stand: free stuff! Luckily, their star product is of a low enough value to be able to offer free product to every customer, rather than the more common percentage discount. This is a deal offered to those VIP customers with a ‘Pinkcard’, ensuring that they’re increasing the lifetime value of their most loyal customers. With a Pinkcard, if a customer buys 10 frozen yogurts, their 11th is free, enticing customers to keep purchasing in order to get to their prize. But it also allows the company to track if you haven’t bought from them in a while, in which case you’ll get the email below:

2. Re-engagement email: Chain reaction

You know why you’re great, but sometimes your customers might need a little reminder. This email strategy from online bike store, Chain Reaction, gives their customers a little nudge to remind them why they chose them in the first place – and the £10 discount code doesn’t hurt either.


3. Re-engagement email: Habitat

If you’ve noticed certain customers have stopped opening your emails, give them another option. Habitat knows that different people tend to engage with brands on different platforms.Rather than bombard them with emails until they unsubscribe, they suggest engaging on social media instead. Facebook fans and Instagram or Twitter followers can be just as useful as email subscribers. Advancements such as the Facebook Pixel allows you to target them across the web. And not just in their newsfeed, but via personalized Dynamic Ads on both Facebook and Instagram.

4. Re-engagement email: Feelunique

The Feelunique ‘we miss you’ email is packed full of promotions, but their VIP Club is given a prime spot. And since 75% of people say they’d be more likely to shop with a brand that has a loyalty program, it’s something worth highlighting.  Offering loyal customers a lifetime discount communicates how much the brand values their customers, as well as takes steps to increase the lifetime value of those people.

5. Re-engagement email: Odd Molly

Odd Molly uses personalized onsite behavior to recommend products that a customer may not have viewed, but is likely to love based on what they’ve already looked at. Another way of using onsite behavior is to trigger an abandoned cart email, hopefully spurring customers to complete their purchase. Want some numbers to up that personalization? Well, Nosto’s personalized emails have an average click through rate of 24%, and a conversion rate of 6%, so this level of personalization can quickly pay off.


6. Re-engagement email: Bloom & Wild

Online flower delivery company, Bloom & Wild, have done something small but very clever with their re-engagement emails. While most of their emails come from a general Bloom & Wild email address, this comes from Lucy @ Bloom & Wild in the sender field, instantly making it a more personalized communication for the receiver, which is reiterated in the copy itself.  Plus, with a referral program that offers money off for you and the person you refer, it’s a pretty sweet smelling deal!

Seen some more customer wooing email examples you think should be celebrated? Just leave a comment and let us know the details!

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