[ebook] Scaling with Shopify Plus

Mounting economic pressures are forcing shoppers to question brand preferences and shop around for better deals. In our Shopify Plus guide, we present 5 areas of technology that Shopify Plus merchants can better utilize to offer more value and sway shoppers from jumping ship.


Where to put your tech-stack budget in 2023


Brands need to employ strategies that are mindful of people’s economic restraints, but protect their own business performance. We explore what can be done (giving live customer examples) through the likes of personalization, search, loyalty, email & SMS, site speed optimization, and fulfillment. In this guide, we cover how to:

  • Triple conversion using Content Personalization to highlight flexible payment options towards hesitant shoppers
  • Optimize search results for conversion likelihood
  • Retain customers through personalized loyalty programs that target ‘at risk’ shoppers and reward valued segments
  • Power flow revenue by 82% when combining SMS with email
  • Ensure a lightening-fast online experience that stops shoppers bouncing, without sacrificing your tech-stack
  • Nail your fulfillment strategy to accelerate growth
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