2023 Ecommerce Trends and Predictions

As the economic downturn continues to affect the ecommerce industry, it’s crucial that we consider how it’s shaping the future of customer loyalty, user-generated content, and visual AI. With this in mind, we’ll dive into how retailers will combat those effects, like rising acquisition costs and more.


What does this year have in store for retailers?


With the additional challenge of continuous economic downturn this year, one of the primary motivators for brands is the need to maximize profitable conversions.

So what sorts of things in the realm of personalization and UGC do we foresee retailers employing more and more to stay ahead of the game?

See our predictions on:

  • Customer loyalty, retention, and VIP programs
  • Aligning with shopper’s values
  • Utilizing UGC for conversions
  • Visual AI in ‘Outfitting’ configurations
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