12 Great Christmas Setups for The Twelve Days of Christmas

The advent calendars have been raided, festive lights displays are glowing and even the bleakest of offices are being given a tinsel makeover- it’s official, Christmas is here! Just like the battle for the best tearjerker ad, the competition for the best online store Christmas setup is fierce. Here we bring you some of our favourite examples of what Nosto customers are doing and what we love about their setups and designs!



What we love…

  • Seasonally relevant Christmas offers
  • The best sellers (the best converting items in the store) are displayed making it easy for new customers to get an overview of the store selection.
  • The browsing history of a returning shopper is displayed allowing them to conveniently resume their shopping
  • The gift category is placed visibly in the top navigation making it fast and easy for customers to find gifts. There are also several options for filtering on the the gift category – including price, gender of recipient and usage, allowing customers to find the relevant gifts quickly.

Implementation by GPMD



What we love…

  • A  shipping countdown in positioned in top right corner of the homepage, creating a sense of urgency and encouraging customers to complete their purchase now.
  • Eye-catching Christmas calendar that ensures that customers come back to the store throughout December to check the “deal of the day”.
  • Again, the gift category allows customers to find gifts according to the gender, age and other characteristics of the gift recipient.
  • The top lists at the bottom of the page makes it easy for customers to find the hottest items in highlighted categories.

        Implementation by Panagora


What we love…

  • The Christmas calendar that displays not only the offer of the day, but also gives a preview of what’s to come in the upcoming few days enticing customers back to the store.
  • The Christmas tips by bloggers, journalists, actresses and makeup artists help customers find the perfect gifts.
  • The fact that Eleven highlights different Christmas makeup looks to help customers to inspire customers and give them context as to how their products fits into seasonal demands.


What we love…

  • Coupon codes give shoppers a discount code once they have reached a certain cart value, incentivizing them to add stocking fillers to their cart
  • The Christmas toy finder calculator makes it easy for the customer to narrow down gifts based on a certain budget.
  • Again, the top list on the front page allows customers to find the hottest items in the selection, inspiring them to browse further at BargainMax.

Implementation by Fluid Digital




What we love…

  • Both shipping expenses and extended return options are visible in the top navigation, ensuring that there are no unexpected surprises for customers.
  • The shipping calculator that allows customers to check when they need to complete a purchase for it to arrive in time for Christmas.
  • The pop-up banner leading to Juniqe’s Christmas store


Why we love it…

  • An overlay pop-up is used to display the Christmas calendar offer of the dayImplementation The Fame Agency


What we love…

  • A pop-up offers 10% discount to new visitors, urging them to complete a purchase. This is time-limited as visually represented with a countdown to last delivery before Christmas.   
  • The non-intrusive and classy deal of the day banner on the front page that leads to the Christmas calendar deal.
  • The Top 100 Christmas Presents List with – promotes range and gives the shopper vast choice, while the use of “Top” and the definitive number “100’ show that the list is still curated.
  • The SantakiniImplemented by Etail Systems



What we love…

  • The simplicity.
    A Christmas layout doesn’t have to mean blinking lights and elves running around your site. Björn Borg stays true to its brand with a sporty identity and products that make customers feel active and attractive.Parner Vaimo


What we love…

  • The pre-Christmas party season related items are also highlighted in the ‘SUIT UP!’ section.
  • The Awkward Christmas photo competition which encourages customer engagement and brand awareness by urging customers to submit their cringiest holiday moments at the volcom Christmas site.


What we love…

  • The emphasis placed on the money-back guarantee, easy returns and clear shipping costs. By removing common barriers to purchases UK tool centre make it easy for even the most hesitant shopper to commit.
  • The constant presence of the ‘Find the perfect gift banner’ allowing for easy navigation to the gift section at any time.
  • The ‘Recommended New Products’ recommendation that only displays items added to the selection recently to ensure even returning customers have something new to look at.


What we love…

  • The lovely ‘Seeds to sow now’ shop. This guides the customer on what they should be buying and sowing now, depending on when they want their produce to be ready.
  • The ‘popular this week’ recommendation that automatically displays the most purchased items from the past week, keeping the recommendations highly seasonal at all times- particularly important for a seasonal business like this.

Implementation by blubolt


What we love…

  • The fabulous and clean site layout and overall look that entices and enables customers to browse further in the store
  • The Christmas gift guide handpicked from over 250 global jewellery designers demonstrates high-levels of curation
  • The free global shipping until December 21st, which lowers the barrier to purchase.

Implementation by scandiweb


What we love…

  • The fact that they have a “Christmas” category which qualifies Always Riding to be included in this post and allows us to end this blog post in this beautiful store front.Implementation by Diligent Commerce

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